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St. Patrick's Day

Savannah and St. Patrick's Day go together like rainbows and pots of gold. Our fair city hosts the second largest parade in the world along with a month's worth of festivals and celebrations. You may have already heard it said, 'In Savannah, everyone is Irish on St. Patrick's Day!"

As we welcome the multitudes in town for our traditions and festivities, we must also plan ahead to limit the impact to our transit service. That's why we have created this page to share our shuttle information, re-routing maps, and other helpful links with you. We will update it periodically, so please check back with us. You can also call our Customer Service Ride Line at (912) 233-5767 or fill out our online Contact Form. Whatever you do, however, please enjoy the holiday and all this city has to offer safely and responsibly.

*** The 2013 St. Patrick's Day parade will take place on SATURDAY, March 16th. ***


St. Patrick's Day Parade Shuttles

Getting You To and From Downtown Easily & Inexpensively


  • Westside - Pickup at Westside Shopping Center (located on Hwy 80 in Garden City), Drop off at the Visitors Center
  • Eastside - Pickup at Island Towne Centre (Hwy 80 on Whitemarsh Island), Drop off at Oglethorpe & Houston
  • Southside - Pickup at Savannah Mall (on the Apache Ave side by Dillard's), Drop off at the Visitors Center
  • *See special Hutchinson Island shuttle information under additional departure options.*


7:00 AM-11:00 AM Going To Downtown

11:00 AM-4:00 PM Leaving From Downtown* (see below for additional departure options)



St. Patrick's Day Shuttle Passes give you roundtrip service to and from the parade at an unbeatable price. They can be purchased in advance at the General Store in the Oglethorpe Mall or on Saturday at the shuttle locations using Cash Only, and customers are encouraged to have correct change.

Additional Departure Options:

Anyone taking a shuttle downtown who does not want to return on the afternoon shuttle can use the St. Patrick's Day pass to ride our regular routes, too.

  • To Westside Shopping Center - 3A and 3B Augusta Ave routes each stop about a block away
  • To Island Towne Centre - 10 East Savannah
  • To Savannah Mall - 114X Abercorn Express from downtown, or take numerous other routes to the Oglethorpe Mall and then transfer to the 114X.

For your convenience and safety, we will also be offering late-night service along some of our routes, so please read about our Extended Late-Night Service below.

*  Hutchinson Island shuttle is being provided this year in addition to the Savannah Belles Ferry for customers parking on Hutchinson Island.

    • It will run from 7:00 AM - 4:00 AM across the Talmadge Bridge.
    • From 7:00 AM - 8:00 PM travel will be between Bryan Square (between the Trade Center and the Westin) and Fahm & Indian (downtown).
    • From 8:00 PM - 4:00 AM travel will be between 2 locations on Hutchinson Island: Bryan Square (between the Trade Center and the Westin) and Paddock Parking (by the racetrack), and Fahm & Indian (downtown).
    • The City of Savannah will have parking available on Hutchinson Island for $15.

Riding Reminders:

We are able to offer these shuttle locations under the graciousness of those property owners, so please be mindful of trash and take care not to litter.

While waiting for the bus, please feel free to dance a quick jig or sing your favorite Irish songs; we just ask that everyone maintain a somewhat orderly waiting area/line for quickest bus loading.

While on the bus, please take care not to distract the Operator, and please abide by all regular passenger guidelines; they exist for your safety and are even more necessary on crowded buses.

Throughout your celebrations, remember to keep an eye on your belongings, especially your children. It is very easy to lose both people and things in Savannah's St. Patrick's Day crowds.

Above all, have a wonderful time! Let us worry about the traffic while you focus on finding leprechauns and four-leaf clovers.

Regular Fixed Route Service

Keeping You On the Move Around the Parade & Crowds

Fixed Route & Paratransit Service:
CAT will run regular fixed route and paratransit service this Saturday. Visit our Bus Maps & Schedules page to check on the latest Saturday times. We ask our customers to expect some delays around the downtown area, and we have provided the maps below to show the re-routes we will take until the parade crowd clears up. Clicking on a route name will open up a pdf of that map.

Extended Late-Night Bus Service:
We have also partnered with the City in order to proudly offer extended late-night service. The following routes will provide service from 12:00 AM-4:00 AM to make sure everyone gets home or back to their shuttle location safely.

  • 3A Augusta Ave - use for Westside shuttle site
  • 10 East Savannah - use for Eastside shuttle site
  • 17 Silk Hope
  • 27 Waters
  • 31 Skidaway/Sandfly
  • 114X Abercorn Express - use for Southside shuttle site

Please remember, however, that certain behavior cannot be tolerated on the bus. Those individuals exhibiting drunk and disorderly behavior--fighting, for example--may be refused to allow to board. Our regular passenger guidelines, including no open containers, will also continue to be in effect. We are happy to be able to offer this late-night service, but safety remains our top priority. 

    Thanks to the expertise of our friends at the City, we have maps of our re-routes to help you plan ahead for a smooth-sailing Saturday. Click here to open a pdf of the downtown area complete with parade route and our color-coded route numbers. Click on the name of an individual route below to open that map as a pdf.

    During the parade, transfers between routes will be at Oglethorpe & Price for eastside and southside buses and at MLK & Broughton for westside buses.

    After the parade, all downtown routes will be able to transfer at Oglethorpe & Barnard.

    Savannah Belles Ferry:
    Our free ferries taking you across the river will begin operating at 7:00 AM. For speedier service during the festivities, we will go back and forth between the City Hall Landing and the International Trade & Convention Center Landing only until 6:30 PM.

    After 6:30 PM, the ferries will resume regular scheduling but will run extended hours until 2:30 AM.

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