SCCPSS and CAT Routes

CAT provides fixed-route service near numerous public and private schools throughout the county. The list below is of current public schools and the routes that go to or near them (within about half a mile).

Click on any route icon to open that schedule, or type your school’s address into the Google Trip Planner tool in the banner above (click the green “Plan Your Trip” button) for customized route information.

REMINDER: Chatham Area Transit is operating on a reduced evening service schedule, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The reduction means that all fixed-route buses and CAT Mobility paratransit vehicles cease operations by 10 p.m. on weekdays and Saturdays. Sunday services continue to operate under the regular schedule. Modified schedules for individual routes can be seen by clicking on the associated link.


Bloomingdale, 101 E. Main Street, Bloomingdale, 31302

(outside Transit District)

Brock, 1804 Stratford Street, 31401

route 3 logo route 3b logo

Butler, 1909 Cynthia Street, 31415

route_17 route_29

Early Learning Center at Henderson E. Formey School, 400 East Broad Street, 31401

route_10 route_27  route_28 route_31

Gadsden, 919 May Street, 31415

route_12 route_17 route_25 route_29

Garden City, 4037 Kessler Avenue, Garden City, 31408

(outside Transit District)

Gould, 4910 Pineland Drive, 31405


Haven, 5111 Dillon Avenue, 31405


Heard, 414 Lee Boulevard, 31405

route_27 route_28

Hodge, 975 Clinch Street, 31405

route_4 route_12 route_25

Humanities at Juliette Gordon Low, 15 Blue Ridge Avenue, 31404

route_11 route_31

J.G. Smith, 210 Lamara Drive, 31405

route_11 route_14

Largo – Tibet, 430 Tibet Avenue, 31406

route_6 route_14

Marshpoint, 135 Whitemarsh Island Road, 31410

route_10 route_12

May Howard, 115 Wilmington Island Road, 31410


Pooler, 308 Holly Avenue, Pooler, 31322

(outside Transit District)

Port Wentworth, 507 S. Coastal Hwy., Port Wentworth, 31407

(outside Transit District)

Pulaski, 1001 Tibet Avenue, 31419


Shuman, 415 Goebel Avenue, 31404

route_10 route_31

Southwest, 6020 Ogeechee Road, 31419

route_6 route_17

West Chatham, 820 Pine Barren Road, Pooler, 31322

(outside Transit District)

White Bluff, 9902 White Bluff Road, 31406

route_14 route_20

Williams, 1150 Wheaton Street, 31404route 10 iconRoute 27 Waters circleRoute 28 Waters circle 

Windsor Forest, 414 Briarcliff Circle, 31419

route_14 route_20


K-8 Schools

Ellis (K-8), 220 E. 49th Street, 31405

route_11 route_14

Garrison (K-8), 649 W. Jones Street, 31401

 route_17 route_25 route_29

Georgetown (K-8), 1516 King George Boulevard, 31419route_6

Godley Station (K-8), 2135 Benton Boulevard, Pooler, GA 31322

route 3 logo

Hesse (K-8), 9116 Whitfield Avenue, 31406


Isle of Hope (K-8), 100 Parkersburg Road, 31406


New Hampstead (K-8), 2451 Little Neck Road, Bloomingdale, GA(outside Transit District)Rice Creek, 100 Mulberry Avenue, 31407(outside Transit District) 

Middle Schools (Grades 6-8)

Coastal, 4595 US Hwy 80 E., 31410


DeRenne, 1009 Clinch Street, 31405

route_12 route_25

Hubert, 768 Grant Street, 31401

route_10 route_27 route_28 route_31

Mercer, 5330 Montgomery Street, 31405

Route 4 Barnard iconRoute 14 Abercorn circle 

Myers, 2025 E. 52nd Street, 31404

route_11 route_31

Southwest, 6030 Ogeechee Road, 31419

route_6 route_17

The STEM Academy at Bartlett, 207 Montgomery Cross Road, 31406

route_6 route_20 route_28 route_31

West Chatham, 800 Pine Barren Road, Pooler, 31322

(outside Transit District) 

High Schools (Grades 9-12)

Beach, 3001 Hopkins Street, 31405

route_12 route_25

Groves, 201 Rommel Avenue, Garden City 31408

route 3 logo

Islands, 170 Whitemarsh Island Road, 31410


Jenkins, 1800 E. DeRenne Avenue, 31406

route_11 route_31

Johnson, 3012 Sunset Boulevard, 31404

route_12 route_31

New Hampstead, 2451 Little Neck Road, 31302

(outside Transit District)

Savannah Arts Academy, 500 Washington Avenue, 31405

route_11 route_14 route_27 route_28

Savannah Early College, 400 Pennsylvania Avenue, 31404route 10 icon 

School of Liberal Studies at Savannah High, 400 Pennsylvania Avenue, 31404


Windsor Forest, 12419 Largo Drive, 31419

route_14 route_20

Woodville Tompkins, 151 Coach Joe Turner Street, 31408

route 3 logo route 3b logo



Coastal Empire Montessori Charter, 301 Buckhalter Road, 31405


*(more than a mile)

Oglethorpe Charter, 7202 Central Avenue, 31406

route_4 route_31

Savannah Classical Academy, 705 E. Anderson Street, 31401

route_12 route_27 route_28 route_31

Susie King Taylor, 1709 Bull Street, 31401Route 4 Barnard iconRoute 14 Abercorn circle 

Tybee Maritime Academy, 714 Lovell Avenue, Tybee Island, 31328

(outside Transit District) 

Other Educational Centers

Building Bridges High School Academy, 402 Market Street, 31408route 3b logoBuilding Bridges Middle School Academy, 3609 Hopkins Street, 31408route_12 route_25

Coastal GA. Comprehensive Academy, 2001 Cynthia Street, 31415

route_17 route_29

Coastal Harbour Treatment Center, 1150 Cornell Street, 31406Route 27 Waters circleRoute 28 Waters circle 

Massie Heritage Center, 207 E. Gordon Street, 31401

logo for the dotRoute 4 Barnard icon route_11 route_14 Route 28 Waters circle Route 31 Skidaway/Sandfly circle

Oatland Island Wildlife Center, 711 Sandtown Road, 31410


Wings Elementary Alt. Learning, 400 East Broad Street, 31401route 10 icon Route 27 Waters circleRoute 28 Waters circle Route 31 Skidaway/Sandfly circle


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CAT Service Alert!

There has been changes to bus schedules for Routes 3 West Chatham, 3B Augusta Ave, 4 Barnard, and the 25 MLK. There is also a new Route, the 5 Port Wentworth. These changes went into effect 11 March, 2024.

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