Student Zero Fare Pilot Program

This initiative is a year long pilot program that offers students across Chatham County, including college/university attendees, the opportunity to utilize CAT fixed route and paratransit buses at no cost.

This is NOT a change in our usual service nor does this program take the place of school transportation. This is merely a pilot program that allows students to ride for free.

Program Dates

Extended January 29th to December 31, 2024


The objectives of the Student Zero Fare Pilot Program is multifaceted:

  • Eliminate financial barriers that deter students from utilizing public transportation
  • To increase ridership for our fixed route service
  • To educate the next generation about public transit
  • To promote confident lifelong public transit riders

Pass Distribution and Registration

Beginning January 17, 2024, K-12 students can sign up for the program exclusively through the CAT website. CAT will share registration links and QR codes across its social media platforms for convenient access. We recommend K-12 students register via the CAT website, however a valid school issued Student ID can also be used for entry. College and University students can use their valid in-date college or student ID for participation.


If applicable, please complete the registration to receive the CAT Student Bus Pass. Bus Pass can be downloaded and printed or presented via student’s mobile device. Please remember to include the student’s name and the name of school.


For program related concerns contact All general inquires can be sent to

We invite you to take a few moments to complete our Student Zero Fare Pilot Program Experience Survey. Your input will provide valuable information about your experience with the program, including any challenges you may have encountered, suggestions for improvement, and the overall impact of the program on your transportation needs. Your responses will remain confidential and will only be used for the purpose of improving the Student Zero Fare Pilot Program.

Student Surveys will not include input for personal information nor will any student contact information not be collected.

Frequently Asked Questions

How will you ensure the safety of students during their transportation?

CAT prioritizes student safety, implementing industry best practices such as rotating Safety Officers on buses throughout service times.

How do you plan to communicate with parents and schools regarding the transportation service?

 We use familiar communication channels like social media and service alert texts to keep parents and schools informed about transportation services.

Are there plans for ongoing evaluation and improvement of the free transportation program?

Continuous improvement is sought through surveys for feedback and suggestions, along with scheduled town hall meetings for parents and students as well as emailing for feedback and concerns.

What measures are in place to address potential challenges, such as scheduling or route adjustments?

We employ a service alert system, notifying passengers of any changes, including route adjustments or scheduling, through text messages.

Are there any eligibility criteria or restrictions for students to access the free transportation?

Participants must students who are  enrolled in a Savannah-Chatham County School or accredited institution.

How will you coordinate with schools to align bus routes with students' needs and schedules?

Although regular school bus service is not provided due to federal law, we will continue close collaboration closely with SCCPSS to ensure effective service alignment and communication.

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