CAT Announces Proposed Service Expansions to Port Wentworth in March 2024

Chatham Area Transit (CAT) is excited to announce Port Wentworth’s approval of a proposed expansion of Fixed-Route services to Port Wentworth.

The CAT Board of Directors will consider approval of this expansion at their October meeting. Upon approval, services are proposed to begin March of 2024.

The $600,000 service expansion would include two Fixed-Route buses (extension of Route 3B) and would operate seven days a week on a sixty-minute frequency.

This expanded service would connect to Old Port Wentworth on S. Coastal Highway, International Trade Parkway, I-95/Augusta Rd., Wood Meadow Apartments, and Rice Hope.

CAT and Port Wentworth would also work with GDOT to put up thirteen new shelters to support the upcoming expansion.

Each shelter would be ADA accessible and equipped with solar lighting and benches.

“We take great pride in the proposed expansion of CAT services to Port Wentworth. The decision of the Port Wentworth Council not only reflects their commitment to providing enhanced public transit options for residents but also underscores their dedication to fostering sustainable community connections”, said CAT Board of Directors Chairman Deidrick Cody. “

“The proposed expansion in Port Wentworth is the result of great partnerships as CAT continues to commit to serving the growing transportation needs of Chatham County,” said Executive Director and CEO Faye DiMassimo. “We look forward to welcoming Port Wentworth residents and commuters as we connect them to essential job opportunities, medical appointments, and activities.”

This would be the first expansion of CAT services in Port Wentworth and the second expansion following the Garden City expansion in June.

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