CAT 30th Anniversary Contests

In Thanks

As we at Chatham Area Transit celebrate 30 years of service to the community in 2017, we want to thank our customers and partners for their continued support. One of the ways we’re doing that is through monthly contests on our social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram).

On the 30th of each month (28th in February), we’re posting a trivia question, photo contest, or other game for our customers to play and win prizes! Click on the links above to follow us on social media and participate, and check back here for results all year long.


JANUARYTrivia: How many CAT bus stops are in Chatham County?1,261Lennard Y.
FEBRUARYTrivia: How many miles did CAT Bike riders travel in 2016?16,925Brent B.
MARCHTrivia: How many phone calls came in to Customer Service in 2016?171,062Shari W.
APRILTrivia: How many rides per year on the Savannah Belles Ferry did we average 2014-2016?723,922Chance. L. (photo pending)

Photos and names of 30th anniversary contest winners through April 2017

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CAT Service Alert!

There has been changes to bus schedules for Routes 3 West Chatham, 3B Augusta Ave, 4 Barnard, and the 25 MLK. There is also a new Route, the 5 Port Wentworth. These changes went into effect 11 March, 2024.

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