CAT Services to be Impacted by Enmarket Savannah Bridge Run

The Enmarket Savannah Bridge Run will impact Chatham Area Transit’s bus operations on Saturday, Dec. 2.

All buses will be re-routed, except Routes 6 and 12, and there will be delays due to street closures.

Stops along Oglethorpe between Drayton and MLK will not be accessible during the re-route.

The re-route will start as early as 5 a.m. and will end at 12:30 p.m., with all outbound trips starting at the Joe Murray Rivers Jr., Intermodal Transit Center.

All DOT services will be suspended until 12:30 p.m.., except the 7D-Cloverdale.

Paratransit services may also be impacted by the roadblocks in the area.

CAT’s Savannah Belles Ferry will start service one hour ahead of schedule, starting at 6 a.m.

CAT Service Alert!

There has been changes to bus schedules for Routes 3 West Chatham, 3B Augusta Ave, 4 Barnard, and the 25 MLK. There is also a new Route, the 5 Port Wentworth. These changes went into effect 11 March, 2024.

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